"They are not our property...we are not their owners."


Changing “Normal”

Savannah invented a new game this morning. That might not sound impressive, but for a 12½-year-old Great Dane dealing with some age-related disability, I think it’s worth writing home about. She’s always been more of a morning person than I am, but lately it’s become difficult for her to get out of bed without assistance, [...]

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Doing Unkind Things With Kindness

Most of the time humans are a compassionate species. At least that’s our intent. We try to find the kindest way to treat animals and each other. But often our intention to do something in a humane way gets buried in a cultural paradigm that’s so pervasive, so deeply embedded in our cells, that we [...]

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Healing Animals at Home, in Our Back Yards, and in Our World

A few weeks ago, on a warm Sunday afternoon, Savannah’s canine and human friends gathered in the park to celebrate her twelfth birthday. There were balloons covered in paw prints, party favors made of Greenies and giant cookies, sparkling party collars for the four-legged guests, and a cake topped with peanut butter frosting. And yes [...]

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