"They are not our property...we are not their owners."

Making Choices

Choices. We make them every day. Some have become habit, like the way we make our sandwiches with Tofurkey slices instead of something made from the flesh of a feathered friend. Some choices are a little tougher, like the first time we say no to a pair of leather shoes. Still others are painful, but [...]

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School Days Are Here Again

Hard to believe another Labor Day weekend has come and gone. Is it just me, or does each summer go by faster than the one before? No matter. Whenever September rolls around it feels like time to go back to school. But if taking a class at the local college isn’t your cup of tea, [...]

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When Illness Strikes: Homeopathy & Herbs or Surgery & Drugs?

Once you’ve made the commitment to a holistic approach to looking after the animals in your care—starting with excellent nutrition in a safe, nurturing environment—you’ve laid a good foundation for maintaining their health and happiness. But as conscientious as you are, there may come a day when your best efforts can’t prevent an illness or [...]

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Supporting the Immune System for Good Health Today—and for Many Years to Come

Every year about this time, Peña Adobe Park near Vacaville, California, fills up with thirty or forty dogs or more, most of whom outweigh the average human teenager, and all of whom have endured abandonment, abuse, or in some cases imminent execution. This is the annual Great Dane Walk sponsored by Great Dane Rescue of [...]

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Fast Food Can Be Healthy Food

Summertime is play time, and that means we’re on the go more than ever. Long days lend themselves to after-work jaunts to the park, and warm weekends invite us to head for the beach or an overnight campout. With all the fun to be had, who wants to spend hours in the kitchen cooking dinner? [...]

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Cool Ideas for Sizzling Summer Days

For five days straight the temperature has soared above 105 degrees. The humidity stays low in this part of the world—often below twenty percent, sometimes into single digits—so it’s easier to beat the heat here than in more humid climates. But we live “off the grid,” and our solar power system can’t handle the energy [...]

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