The Complete Holistic Dog Book: Home Health Care for Our Canine Companions

The Complete Holistic Dog Book: Home Health Care for Our Canine Companions 2017-06-22T01:24:34+00:00

Project Description

2nd Edition Coming Fall 2017

The most comprehensive volume available on holistic care for dogs. Also includes a complete Materia Medica for homeopathy, herbs, and nutritional supplements.

  • How you can create a holistic lifestyle for the dog you love
  • Keeping your dog healthy emotionally as well as physically
  • A complete overview of canine nutritional needs
  • The benefits of feeding a fresh food diet, and tips for making it easy, even if you haven’t the time
  • Important guidelines for choosing a prepackaged dog food
  • Homeopathic medicine – the most thorough overview available for dogs, including how remedies are made, how you can choose a remedy for your dog, and how to administer it
  • Herbal medicine, including instructions for adapting dosages for your dog
  • Acupressure and the basic principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, with many illustrations showing the location of acupressure points on your dogs
  • Bodywork and energy work, with easy steps for using your own healing touch to benefit your dog
  • The most common illnesses and injuries, and holistic treatments you can use at home
  • How you can create a Holistic Medicine Chest to treat most illnesses and injuries at home, or begin treatment while you wait to see your vet
  • Caring for a senior dog, and how you can make every day a special one
  • Treating serious illnesses using holistic care as a complement to conventional veterinary treatments
  • When it’s time to let go, and grieving the loss of your friend

“What a marvel! This is a wonderful, deep, absolutely perfect book! You cannot read a page without being informed, challenged, and changed. I particularly appreciated the section on vegetarianism–the fact that many dogs blossom and become more peaceful when they don’t eat meat. I am honored to be quoted in this information-packed gem of a book.”

Jeffrey Moussaieff Masson, Ph.D., Author of When Elephants Weep and Dogs Never Lie About Love

“A thorough guide that seamlessly integrates the best of both conventional and alternative healing traditions. I was especially interested to see behavior problems viewed from this perspective. Practical and readable without sacrificing scientific accuracy. Should be on the bookshelf of every conscientious animal guardian.”

Jean Donaldson , Director of Education, The San Francisco SPCA, and author of The Culture Clash

“This is definitely one of the best books I’ve seen on holistic care for dogs. The authors are a holistic health animal care consultant/teacher and a veterinarian who is also a certified acupuncturist specializing in combining alternative therapies with conventional medicine. The result of their collaboration is enlightening, educational and easy to read.”

Alaska Wellness Magazine

“In all my years of veterinary practice, never have I read a more sensitive, intelligent and compassionate book. If you want the very best for your dog, you will read this lovingly written and accessible reference over and over again. All the information, advice and guidance you will ever need to guarantee the healthiest and happiest life possible for both you and your companion fill these pages. If ever there was a book that says it all, this is the one–a must read for veterinarians and their clients.”

Elliot Katz, D.V.M., President Emeritus, In Defense of Animals

“The Complete Holistic Dog Book is an excellent resource for all dog lovers. It provides a wealth of information that will benefit all our Kindred Spirits. It is a wonderful contribution to the world of holistic animal healing.”

Allen M. Schoen, M.S., D.V.M., Director, Veterinary Institute of Therapeutic Alternatives, and author of Kindred Spirits

“We found this book to be invaluable for anyone wanting to raise a healthy dog in a natural lifestyle. Well organized, clearly written, this superb book is the best on the subject.”

Making Scents Magazine