"They are not our property...we are not their owners."


Supporting the Immune System for Good Health Today—and for Many Years to Come

Every year about this time, Peña Adobe Park near Vacaville, California, fills up with thirty or forty dogs or more, most of whom outweigh the average human teenager, and all of whom have endured abandonment, abuse, or in some cases imminent execution. This is the annual Great Dane Walk sponsored by Great Dane Rescue of [...]

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Healing Animals at Home, in Our Back Yards, and in Our World

A few weeks ago, on a warm Sunday afternoon, Savannah’s canine and human friends gathered in the park to celebrate her twelfth birthday. There were balloons covered in paw prints, party favors made of Greenies and giant cookies, sparkling party collars for the four-legged guests, and a cake topped with peanut butter frosting. And yes [...]

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