Project Description

You know what good food is, and how important it is to create a healthy diet for yourself. You choose fresh, whole foods, minimally processed, and eat a variety of foods—something different every day. And yet, most of us have been taught to feed our dogs and cats highly processed packaged food—the same thing every day, for months and years on end.

The Fresh & Flexible™ Meal Plan is an innovative approach that changes everything you thought you knew about “dog food” and “cat food,” so you can start feeding fresh, nutritious meals safely and easily—with no separate food to buy, no special recipe to follow, and without doing any additional cooking.

With this groundbreaking, common-sense approach, you’ll see your friend’s health and vitality blossom while both of you enjoy the pleasure that delicious, health-sustaining meals can provide. Let’s get started!

In these pages you’ll discover:

  • The single most important ingredient in any healthy diet
  • The little-known risks of feeding kibble and canned food
  • Why a recipe for home-cooked meals is unlikely to provide all the nutrition your companion needs
  • Why feeding different foods every day is actually more nutritious—and safer—than using a commercial food or a home-prepared recipe
  • How to help your dog or cat lose weight—without ever feeling deprived
  • Why eliminating meat and other animal products from your friend’s diet might be a healthier choice—and how to do it safely
  • How to prepare meals so even your finicky eater will enjoy them!

Praise for The Fresh & Flexible Meal Plan…

“This book is a wonderful tool for maximizing the health of your animal companion. As suggested in the book, I also found in my veterinary practice that what was being fed was the most important factor in the health outcome. Improving the diet, as suggested here, will often restore health without need of any other treatment. Don’t tell my colleagues, but if you follow this plan you will have far fewer veterinary bills.”

Richard H. Pitcairn, D.V.M., Ph.D.,

co-author of Dr. Pitcairn’s Complete Guide to Natural Health for Dogs & Cats

“Jan Allegretti’s The Fresh & Flexible Meal Plan is a valuable complement to the available guides for companion animal food preparation. Her emphasis on daily variety of the food groups is absolutely key to the success of this feeding method and is unique compared to standard recipe references. Here is an opportunity and outline for feeding a fresh, balanced diet that, when properly implemented, will promote overall wellness, and improve and support all other natural therapies provided.”

Lisa Brienen, D.V.M., C.V.H., Holistic Veterinarian

“Jan Allegretti’s Fresh & Flexible meal plan is so much like my recommendations for feeding my clients’ animal families that I almost can’t separate the two! For almost 40 years I’ve watched my clients’ animals improve their health with just fresh-food diet changes, and it’s clear that fresh, wholesome, varied food is optimum for all animals and people alike. Jump in, don’t be afraid, use Jan’s guidelines and watch the beauty and magic begin!”

Dee Blanco, D.V.M., C.V.H., C.V.A., Santa Fe, New Mexico

“Many of my new patients who come in with years of chronic problems are on processed kibble. The caregivers think their little friends are getting old and slowing down. I tell them to change the diet to fresh-made, loving food. After a week of all fresh foods, they report back telling me they now have energy they never could have expected to see again in their furry friends. 

“The problem is similar in human caregivers. Whole food helps to repair and regenerate because it is alive and packed with life energy. Processed food that is prepared over a 4- to 6-day period is overcooked and devoid of life energy—it is no longer viable.

“I have heard many times over from clients that their best friend feels so much better, is more mobile, and playing again with his or her toys just by changing to a nutritious diet! There can be no doubt that food is essential for well-being, undeniably.”

Rosemary Manziano, D.V.M., C.V.H., C.V.C., Colts Neck Animal Clinic, Colts Neck, New Jersey

“Groundbreaking, thought provoking, and visionary. The Fresh & Flexible Meal Plan is THE nutritional resource that guardians have eagerly been waiting for.

“Drawing on decades of experience, Allegretti demystifies the preparation of fresh, home-cooked meals for our animal friends, eliminating the confusion that often accompanies their nutrition. This book offers a powerful new solution that just may offer your beloved companion the one thing we all want for them and for us…time. When my dog was diagnosed with kidney cancer at age 14, feeding her the Fresh & Flexible way added years to her life, a gift that I believe not only benefited her longevity, but my happiness as well. 

“Get ready to revolutionize the way you feed your pets and watch them thrive! If it works for my dogs, I suspect it will work for yours.”

Carlyn Montes De Oca

author of Dog as My Doctor, Cat as My Nurse and Paws for the Good Stuff

“A friend told me once that the best work is done by those having pure intentions. Jan Allegretti is one of the most purely-intentioned people I know. Instead of preferring a few species (including humans) over others, Allegretti breaks down the walls between our beloved cats and dogs and the beautiful and amazing cows, sheep, pigs, and fish that we typically feed them. Read this book if you are tired of closing your eyes to the labels on your dog and cat food. Follow these easy guidelines, and then relish in your companion’s glowing health, even as you embrace your continued love for our wider world and all of its denizens.”

Wendy Jensen, D.V.M,

author of Practical Handbook of Veterinary Homeopathy: Healing Our Companion Animals from the Inside Out

“I was introduced to Jan Allegretti’s Fresh & Flexible meal plan at our annual veterinary homeopathic meeting. As veterinarians, we know that inadequate diet can be a major obstacle to cure. We are also experiencing increased contamination and toxicity in our commercial food sources. Feeding like this is a conscious, mindful choice toward helping our animals reach better health. In addition, this method has significant beneficial environmental and ethical ramifications. 

“What really resonated for me was the way connection and nurturing in the healing process was enhanced by providing fresh and quality food for our animal companions. I also loved how we could eat healthily together and not depend on questionable sources in commercial foods. It is empowering to control what is going into my dog’s bowl. 

“Along the way, my clients also began to see the results in their own animals. Many started by gradually adding whole food additions into their animal’s present diet, starting the transition where they were able. Jan’s presentation is straightforward, sensible, and simple, and it can be started right now.”

Marybeth Minter, D.V.M., Mariposa Veterinary Service, Kenab, Utah