2nd edition now available

Everything you need
to care for your dog–naturally!

  • A new, expanded Fresh & Flexible meal plan–the easiest, most nutritious way to feed your dog
  • The Holistic Medicine Chest–just 15 remedies to treat most any illness or injury
  • A comprehensive guide to using homeopathy, herbs, nutritional supplements, and body work
  • Answers to all your questions about how you can use Cannabis safely–and legally–to treat pain, inflammation, seizure disorder, and more
  • A sensitive exploration of how to address your dog’s special needs as she ages

The Complete Holistic Dog Book lends a warm and caring voice when you need it most, when your beloved dog is sick or injured, or when you simply need advice for keeping her healthy and happy….



March 12 through March 19
The Plant-Powered Dog Food Summit
A free, online video event featuring Jan Allegretti and 16 other experts sharing essential information about why dogs thrive on a plant-based diet, and how you can easily make the transition to feed healthy meals your dog will love.


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