"They are not our property...we are not their owners."

Supporting the Immune System for Good Health Today—and for Many Years to Come

Every year about this time, Peña Adobe Park near Vacaville, California, fills up with thirty or forty dogs or more, most of whom outweigh the average human teenager, and all of whom have endured abandonment, abuse, or in some cases imminent execution. This is the annual Great Dane Walk sponsored by Great Dane Rescue of [...]

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Fast Food Can Be Healthy Food

Summertime is play time, and that means we’re on the go more than ever. Long days lend themselves to after-work jaunts to the park, and warm weekends invite us to head for the beach or an overnight campout. With all the fun to be had, who wants to spend hours in the kitchen cooking dinner? [...]

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Can Dogs and Cats Be Vegan, Too?

When compassion for all living beings is a core value in your life, it can be disturbing to feel your commitment to a vegan lifestyle is compromised by your desire to feed canine and feline family members the best possible diet. You may have eliminated animal products from your own diet, sworn off buying leather [...]

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Simple Strategies for Really Good Food

You’ve made the commitment to feed your animal family members the way you feed everyone else: fresh and wholesome, prepared with your loving touch. Maybe you began by serving up an extra portion of your own meals, and that’s an excellent way to start. But you wonder if your friends are really getting all the [...]

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