"They are not our property...we are not their owners."

Eight Belles’ Noble Gift

At the 2008 running of the Kentucky Derby, a three-year-old filly named Eight Belles taught millions of onlookers about the other side of horseracing. Just after she crossed the finish line—second in a field of colts—she fell to the ground with both front ankles shattered.Minutes later, as the race’s winner received his blanket of roses [...]

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Everyone’s Talking

I met Savannah at the pound, and from very beginning we began to talk to each other without talking. I sat against a tree in the yard behind the concrete-block shelter building, and watched her sniff her way along the cyclone fence. I wanted to get a sense of who she was, and let her [...]

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A Season of Joy for Everyone in the Family

The holiday season brings fun and festivity, gatherings and gift-giving with family and friends. It’s a special time, and like everything else it’s more special when our animal friends participate. Holidays can be stressful, too, but with good attention and a bit of creativity, we can maximize the fun and minimize the stress for everyone. [...]

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Where Do We Draw the Line?

In Jingling, China, sixteen humans have died of rabies since the beginning of the year. The governor issues an order to kill all dogs within five kilometers of each of those deaths. Rabies squads arrive with clubs and pitchforks, pull dogs from their families, and cart the bodies away. In Petaluma, California, diners clink glasses [...]

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