Early last Thursday morning, just as the light was breaking over the mountains to the east, Savannah passed away.

I believe that everything that lives is a container for the sacred. Each blade of grass, each squirrel and bug, every dog, cat, horse, fish, ape, human, and all the trees in the forest—everything is a vessel for the loving light energy that sparks creation.

Some containers are crystal clear. The light of the spirit within shines through untainted. Other vessels are muddied with confusion and fear, and the struggles to overcome old wounds. In those, the light is more difficult to see; sometimes we can only trust that beauty lies hidden somewhere deep inside.

Animals seem to move across this earth in the most transparent vessels. The light of truth shines through unencumbered by duplicity. For us humans, who often struggle to find our own light hidden behind thick walls built of fear and pain, deceit and manipulation, we find in animals a lifeline; their loving light energy shows us what is possible, and pierces the darkness to help us find our own goodness, our own sanctity.

Savannah was one whose sweetness shined through with a purity that enlightened everyone in her midst. She brought forgiveness to those who were unable to find their own compassion, and joy to each day, regardless of physical adversity or discomfort. Her clarity inspired both of us to see great beauty in the most carefree and the most difficult of times.

When death comes, the container breaks and the light within is released to rejoin the sacred energy of all that is, in perfect oneness. Now, Savannah’s light and that of all the creatures who have come and gone before her are once again one with all that is holy and good, with the loving energy that is the true essence of all creation.

Blessings on her spirit.